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We have more than $1M+ currently invested in multifamily real estate in three major Midwest markets

Our focus is properties with 12+ units, in the $600,000 to $1M range, located not far from the metro area. The minimum investment is $10,000, which we use to add value through renovation and property upgrades. This naturally leads to property appreciation and rent stabilization.

We Believe Passive Income Can Be For Everyone …

We have a thoroughly vetted strategy to scale real estate investment portfolio(s) by bringing in private funds and sharing in the profits with no fee’s attached.

Why You Should Choose This Investment Model!

There are many good reasons to invest in multi-family real estate with NK Investment Group, including:

  • High Guaranteed Returns … You’ll earn 12% over 18 months, and your investment is backed by the property.
  • Beats Other Alternatives … According to, $10,000 invested today in a 5 year CD will return, at best, about 2.50%. And the returns from bonds and savings accounts are near historical lows. Compare the chart of investment returns by asset class* shown below to NK’s guaranteed 12% over 18 months.
  • Work With Professionals … NK has the resources in place to make successful real estate investments, including financing sources, professional realtors, builders and developers, property management experts, and more.
  • % Return


(2-4 Units)

We’re always looking to expand our list of multi-family assets. If you would like to contact us regarding the sale of a small multi-family property please contact us.


(5-50 Units)

Apartment complexes have a unique value to the surrounding community that they exist in, and we value the opportunity to acquire, rehab and improve the neighboring community.

Real Estate
Investment Trust

Our growing portfolio of properties is evidence of our commitment to expansion and the inclusion of outside investors by way of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).